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All is almost ready, you need only to enter the configuration of the project for which you need to connect CI  

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Two ways CI are possible

CI based on shell command

put Checkbox - Enable CI Enabled, specify the command to start CI (by default it is “make test”) and specify the Jenkins

Executor node (or Label) of the machine where the tests will be run and click SubmitSave.

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Any bitbucket project can be connectedto connected to CI by specifying only the CI command for and node (or Label) where it will be executed.

CI based on pipeline

put Checkbox - Enable CI, specify the Pipeline filename that is placed to head of default repository branch

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Any bitbucket project can be connected to CI by specifying only the name of pipeline file

Now after the creation of any requester pool in the bitbucket project where the CI is connected, the testing on the specified

node and by the specified command will be automatically started(or instruction from pipeline file).  

There is no longer any need to create jenkins projects, configure many settings, you need just write / script or Makefile / to run