Pull request dependencies

After installing the plugin, the additional Add dependency button will appear on the page of each pull-request(PR):

Click it and a form will appear

In it, you can select the target pull-request (depend on current PR) that is associated with the current one.

It is possible to add more than one open depend on PR into the link with the current one (and even

from the absolutely any project and repository, not only from the current one), and when

adding it is optional to activate option “Is blocker for merge”. In case, if the linked PR was added with

option “Is blocker for merge”, then you won’t be able to close the current PR, as long as the linked PR

is open:

After adding blocking (or non-blocking) pull-requests, the full list will appear in the right panel:


  means that depend on PR is the blocking one and until it is closed Merge is not possible

(this is the icon that appears when choosing the option - Is blocker for merge)

 means that depend on PR is not the blocking one and will not interfere with Merge of the
current one

 means that depend on PR is not closed (in the Open status)

 means that depend on PR is closed (not in the Open status)

You can also remove any irrelevant dependency by clicking